5 Best Diving Spot in Lombok

Are you on holiday to Lombok? What to do in Lombok? For lovers of marine tourism and water sports such as snorkeling and diving, Lombok is indeed the perfect vacation destination. This area has many small islands which are all beautiful. Well, here is a recommendation from us, 5 beautiful diving spots and most importantly still quiet. Feels like you are on a private island. Where have you been?

1. Gili Kondo

The name Gili Trawangan is familiar to travelers who have a hobby of swimming in the high seas. But this one is quiet and arguably still a virgin. Namely Gili Kondo which is located in the District of Sambelia, East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara and adjacent to Gili Bindara. Plus, access to this spot is not difficult. You can go to Sambelia, then ask the locals about the location of Gili Kondo. Your road trip will also be memorable with beautiful views of the forest to Mount Rinjani.

2. Gili Petelu

Visiting Lombok, make sure to stop by Gili Patelu. The word ‘telu’ means three in Javanese. Yep, because in this dyke there are 3 small islands. To get here, you can simply cross from Mataram by renting a boat with a tariff of Rp.450 thousand and it takes about 2.5 hours. The coral beneath the waters of Gili Patelu is very beautiful and has a hilly contour, as well as beautiful small fish that are breathtaking when viewed up close. The location of Gili Patelu is in Jerowaru, East Lombok and is adjacent to the famous Pink Beach.

3. Gili Bidara

The location is in the same area as Gili Kondo and also Gili Petagan. If you have time, be sure to stop by the two spots. You only need 40 minutes to get around the island. After tired of snorkeling or diving, you will be greeted with the dashing Mount Rinjani as a panorama when you come back to the surface. Super cool!

4. Gili Asahan

Challenge lovers must visit and try to dive on Gili Asahan. The currents in this dyke are known to be heavy, so it takes a struggle to get to the bottom to enjoy the beauty of the underwater. With loud currents, it helps you dive accompanied by a guide who is more familiar with the local terrain. In this area it is not difficult to find accommodation, hotels and resorts have also provided a style for snorkeling and diving, you know.

5. Meno Wall

If you prefer silence, then Gili Meno is a suitable location. The island is rarely visited, and its prestige is inferior to its neighbors such as Gili Trawangan and Gili Air. However, its beauty is unquestionable. Plus, the naturalness of this place is still very awake. The island is only inhabited by a few local residents, you won’t even find a motorized vehicle. Diving here is very exciting, there will be turtles accompanying you down there.

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