Bromo Ranu Kumbolo 2020 Tour Package is a low-priced adventure program commonly referred to as the Bromo Ranu Gumbolo Tour. Namely a trip that has the nature of an adventurous tourist combination of Bromo tour packages with the exploration of all unique tourist attractions in the area of ​​Mount Bromo tourism objects and camping packages to Lake Ranu Kumbol. Unique spot on Mount Bromo that will be explored later like Sunrise View Point at Penanjakan Peak, Bromo Crater, Savanah Grassland, Bukit Teletubies Mountains and Ocean of Whispering Sand.

Ranu Kumbolo Bromo Tour Package Lake Ranu Kumbolo Tour is a lake located in the climbing path of Mount Semeru, with an area of ​​16 hectares. The location is right at the elevation point 2. 400 masl (sea level) on the slopes of Mount Semeru, and Lake Ranu Kumbolo are still elements of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park area of ​​East Java. Bromo Ranu Kumbolo Tour Package, it takes a trip of 3 days 2 nights, with a start tour can be from Surabaya or from Malang and you can take it as a private trip or open trip Ranu Kumbolo. The first day you camp first in Ranu Kumbolo and the last day you will explore the beauty of Mount Bromo

Bromo Ranu Kumbolo Tour Package Schedule 3 Days 2 Nights

Bromo Ranu Kumbolo Tour Package program schedule is as follows:

  • Day 1: Malang or Surabaya Ranu Pani Ranu Kumbolo

Pick up process in Malang or Surabaya in the morning to then go to Ranu Pane Village on a Jipatauhardtop start from Malang Tumpang City. After landing at Ranu Pani, continue climbing towards Lake Ranu Kumbolo which takes 4-5 hours of climbing or trekking. Arriving at Ranu Lake Kumbolo, resting, setting up camping tents and spending the night here. we are free to explore the beauty of nature near Lake Ranu Kumbolo, and after dinner break.

  • Day 2: Lake Ranu Kumbolo Ranu Pani Savanah Bromo

Enjoy the sunrise and natural beauty during Lake Ranu Kumbolo until satisfied, after the lunch preparatory return to the Village Ranu Pani. Come down from Lake Ranu Kumbolo to Ranu Pani for 3 hours. After landing in Ranu Pani then continued with Jeep orHartop 4WD vehicles heading towards the Mount Bromo tourist area through savanna, teletubies hills and whispering sand. After landing at Cemara Lawang Village, check in lodging or hotel in Bromo, isturahat and free program (enjoy sunset)

  • Day 3: Bromo Sunrise Tour from Penanjakan Crater Bromo Malang or Surabaya

Cheap Bromo Tour Package opens at 04.00 am You will be picked up by using JEEP From the Hotel leading to the point of view on the peak of Mount Pananjakan (highest sunrise view point) on the threshold of the Tengger caldera to witness the beauty of Bromo Sunrise, against the background of Mount Bromo, Mount Batok and Mount Semeru and the expanse of sand sea which is very aesthetic and the expanse of tour clouds enveloping it. Satisfied watching the sun come out continued to Bromo Crater with Jeep. Arriving at the parking area you can ride a horse or walk to reach the crater. After being satisfied to go back to the hotel, eat breakfast and check out, transfer back to Malang or Surabaya. Arrived in Surabaya Bromo Ranu Kumbolo Tour Tour Package Completed.

Ranu Kumbolo Bromo Tour Package Facility

  • Private transport Ac car rental Surabaya Malang Malang
  • Transport Jeep or Hartop or rent a jeep to Bromo to get to Ranu Pane and in Bromo around the trip using
  • Stay 1 night at Bromo Hotel or Bromo Homestay
  • 1 night stay at Ranu Kumbolo (tent)
  • Entrance ticket to all tourism objects
  • Camping equipment, Sleeping Bag and Mattress when in Lake Ranu Kumbolo
  • Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast
  • Porter Team at Semeru

Not included :

  • Travel insurance
  • Personal needs
  • Tips

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